Looking for western title, see description of the film

Starts with the hero riding in on a donkey clad in a mexican poncho to a cantina where he sort of throws a dynamate stick in, and the guys rush out and there is a firefight he wins, think this is vhere he shoots of an ear on one guy, later in the film he shoost off his other ear,
The dynamate stick is not a dynamate stick it’s wrapped with the same paper and contains a candle which he had put a fuse on.

The end scene is he and a woman is in sort och canyon and the bad guys throws a bundle with dynamate sticks against them, the heero has one bullet left and of course he hits the undle in the air near the bad guys so they get blown up.

Hope any on can help me, saw it as a young lad around 1973.

Ears getting shot off, plus dynamite, suggests ‘High Plains Drifter’, but the other scenes you describe don’t ring a bell. Sorry :confused:


Thank you so much, yes, A few dollars for Django it is :slight_smile:

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Glad to help, Brertman.

Good scene - you beat me to the movie name.
I remembered the scene and just looked up the 1 liner comments that I make on my SW movie list.