Looking for this Sartana Poster

Hi all,

I’m looking for this “if you meet sartana pray for your death” poster.
Preferably a new one (re press) and in english, as shown below.

Does anyone have a clue where to get it? Thanks !

have you tried ebay? tons of spaghetti poster reprints on there

Here’s the german poster of the movie,you’ll surely find the english one also


Yes, tried ebay but could not find this one.

Thanks so far.

Italian version here:

[quote=“Sartana09, post:4, topic:1982”]Yes, tried ebay but could not find this one.

Thanks so far.[/quote]

Surprising, seems like it would be a popular one

I have never seen an actual English language poster for this film before.
But, just because I have never seen it before doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist!

Do we know what country this English language poster is supposed to have come from?

This particular film never had a theatrical release in the USA. It made its “debut” in America on television via the USA cable network around 1986-1987. So, it can’t be a US poster.
Was there ever a theatrical release in the UK, or another English Language market?

Frankly, to me, this poster looks like a latter reworking of the original, first issue, Italian poster—perhaps done for a video release, or something.
The main reason I am thinking this is the fonts used on the poster look very much like computer fonts of the past 10 years, or so, and not fonts an actual printing company from an earlier decade would have used (if that makes any sense). Also, there is absolutely nothing on the poster indicating the distributor or date of release, and so forth.

This poster seems to have been used for the Wild East realase of the film.

Yes, you are right!

Hmm… you may well be right Chris. Maybe there is not an official English poster. Perhaps you could have one printed up? I’ve actually gotten full sized posters printed at Kinkos before and its pretty cheap to just do one. You just need to have a very good quality source image to print from