Looking for the title

I remember the plot but not name of the movie

the movie starts out with the bandito climbing thru the window of his girl’s room. He does the fun-dango then runs off after the father of the girl comes into the room. The father beats his daughter then shoots himself in the head. A sheriff comes into town looking for the bandito who headed into the desert. Three head out into the desert together --the sheriff, a bounty hunter and the girl-- looking for the bandito. They catch up with the bandito and sometime during the night the bounty hunter -who was actually the partner to the bandito- tries to kill the sheriff with a knife but instead cuts the bag that contains there only source of water. Everyone dies of thirst on the way back to town except for the sheriff. But before everyone dies and while they are still in the desert the sheriff makes the bandito marry the girl. The bandito did not want to marry her because he thought her to be a whore. none the less the girl got in her white dress and the sheriff married her and the bandito.

do not remember any of the actors or actress names
the sheriff was heavy set with black hair and a black beard
the bounty hunter was mabe Jack Palance
the bandito was maybe mexican
the girl was blond

I believe it to be shot in spain or someplace close with adobe houses and lots of white sand swirling around.

good movie do not remember the name

thanks much

i’ve think i’veeen it but can’t for the life of me remember what it is ???

it is definately familiar.

This is not a Jack Palance movie.

Sorry i cannot be of further help.

There is a comedy sw with Jack Palance that has something to do with him wanting someone to marry his sister… It’s called “It Can be Done Amigo.” I don’t think it’s the movie you’re talking about (I only watch a few minutes of it because it was terrible!,) but it’s at least a sw that has Jack Palance and something about marriage in it so it could be it.