Looking for "The Sheriff and the Blond"

(fred) #1

I dont know the exact title, and this is a possibly a Spanish only movie?, but
I have heard that the movie was made in Colmenar Viejo (or near it) which
is just north of Madrid, and I live near there, and I want to see some of the
old sets and places that were used. A local here said they recently saw the movie
on TV in Spanish, and I would like to get the film (buy the DVD?) and see it.

But I havent been able to find it on google with this title.

Any help would be appreciated.

(Reverend Danite) #2

Hiah Fred
Anymore info - characters?
There wasn’t a baddie dressed all in black and with black gloves was there?

(fred) #3

Sorry, I didnt see it. But my friend has seen some of it, and piecing it together.

It was made in 1958, perhaps the first in Spain? Its about a Sheriff who gets involved
with a blond woman, and Indians, and I think the Indians adopt him as a new chief? and
he gets in trouble with some cowboys. I know its not much, but I am translating all of
this from Spanish to English, so some is lost in translation! Sorry!

(Bad Lieutenant) #4

It’s The Sheriff of Fractured Jaw by Raoul Walsh.

Database entry:

This one definitely has a dvd release. I even saw it here (The Netherlands) in shops.

(fred) #5

That’s it!
Great! I have just ordered it.
Thanks mucho!