Looking for the OST of Blindman

Anybody out there willing to trade, sell or provide a digital copy of the Blindman OST?
The digitmovies edition of 2005 is hard to find…

Angel eyes

I have it a nice ost…

but i have bought it from the shop…lol

mine has 17 tracks…

u can buy it here:


Thanx all, but although some sites, such as amazon.de, still list the item, they list it as “unavailable”. So I’m still hoping that there’s somebody out there that owns a copy of the digitmovies CD that is willing to either sell it or make a mp3 copy of it and share the music with me. As I have quite an extensive library of spaghetti soundtracks there must be something we can trade for. So, if you own annd are willing to share the music please let me know!

Ok…i’ll upload it for u…

what the quality do u want?..

Great, thanks!! 320kbps would be greatly appreciated. Do you want to use dropbox or something like that? Do you need my email address?

Angel eyes

I’ll upload it to my upload center

and dont worry i’ll give u a direct link…

but i’ll delete the link after a few hours…and will send the link to ur email.


i dont know ur email… :slight_smile:

when i get home,i’ll start to encode and upload. 8)

Allright then, I’ll keep an eye out for a heads up.

please give me ur email adress…

and have u this ost?

I’ve just sent you a PM with my email address… Let me know if that doesn’t come through.

By the way: don’t know the other title.

Ok…please wait for some hours

the upload speed is very low

I’ll check again in About 9 hours from now, as iT is close to midnight and I’m going to hit the sack.


Muchas gracias, amigo!!! I’m a happy gringo…

Les damos la bienvenida. ;D