Looking for surreal movie (Man alone in desert, condor or vulture outside his house)

Hello spaghetti Western Fans,

I am looking for a movie, I watched for the last time about 15 years ago, and only parts of it.
The scene I remember doesn’t give to many clues, but maybe somebody has an idea, I don’t know if it is an “spaghetti western”, it could also be a mexican or south american movie.

In the Scene there is a man, probably in his 50ies. He has a grey beard, but not a full beard.
He sits and lives in a house that seems to be far away from civilization, somewhere in the desert.
Outside of the house sits a condor or a vulture, probably waiting for the man to die. It seemed to be some kind of fight against the death within that lonely area.
The whole scene seems surreal, maybe mixed with hallucinations, maybe due to strong thirst.
The movie was in colours, I would guess that it’s is from the 70s or early 80ies.
I think you sometimes hear electric guitar sounds.
It is not a Jodorowsky Movie (El Topo), although it reminds a little bit of that, but I guess it was not that much experimental.

I know, those are not many clues and it is probably impossible to find the movie, but I spent hours of research, so my last idea was to ask in this forum.
If anyone has an Idea or seems to know this scene, I would be very thankful for hints. (it is also not “el condor”).
Lot’s of greetings to everyone,


Old man, desert, beard, electric guitar … a wild-goose chase, George Englund’s Zachariah (1971) is an American Western …

I was going to say El Topo, no idea but you are in the right place, some one here will get your the name, am sure
thanks for the greeting, same to you