Looking for Some Song (with Vocals) Recommendations

I want to make a playlist for my mp3 player and need some help finding songs. At the moment I’m just looking for songs that feature vocals.

So far I have…

His name was king
Back home someday from "Massacre Time"
Run Man Run from "The big Gundown"
Arizona Colt
Johnny Yuma

What else would you suggest? Thanks.

Il ritorno di Ringo by Maurizio Graf? I like that one a lot.

The Rope and the Colt by Scott Walker is also a big favourite among many.

Exactly what I’m looking for,Thanks!

A Pistol for Ringo and A Pistol for Ringo alternative version!

One of my favourites is Don’t Loose Control from Man of the East:


There’s a French vocal version of L’arena from The Mercenary.

My Name is Trinity

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The Lanky Gunman.

Texas Goodbye from Texas addio

Who on earth forgot You’d Better Smile, from Preparati La Bara? Should have been first on this list :grinning:.

Some more that I would seriously recommend:
Laredo, Marcello Giombini
Non Mi Aspertavvi Piu, Vasco and Mancuso
La Ballata Del Treno, Egisto Macchi
Find a Man, Francesco Di Masi
Stranger, Francesco Di Masi
The Wind In My Face, Nico Fidenco
They Call It Gold, Stelvio Cipriani
An Eye For An Eye, Ennio Morricone
Basta Cosi, Nora Orlandi
I Lunghi Giorni Dell’odio, Amedeo Tommasi

Back Home Some day by Sergio Endrigo. My favorite.

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Don Powell’s stuff is pretty good, most of the time.