Looking for Koch DVDs (Rainbow collection)

Im looking for:

Dead Men Ride - Knie nieder und friss staub
Massacre at Grand Canyon - Keinen cent fur Ringos Kopf

Anyone have these and want to sell?

I’ve got these I’d probably be willing to sell:
Killer Kid
Seven Dollars on the Red

And also these:
Barrel Full of Dollars

PM me if interested

Thanks for the offer Autephex, but ive just managed to find Killer Kid and Seven Dollars on the Red online so I removed them from my list :smiley:

Alright, well if anyone is after those titles, I’m still willing to sell 'em

Do you still have killer kid? I am looking for cjamango ( Django - Kreuze im blutigen Sand ) those german ebay sellers who had it don`t want ship to finland and I do not want to pick aussie version which is most likely bootleg…Website which sells by paypal would be OK too, I do not have credit card.