Looking For DVDs/Blu Rays

Hi SW Aficionados,

I’ve been trying to find a good price for the Koch Media’s Italo Western Encyclopedia #2, and while I’ve seen it in stock on a few German sites, they’re listed at between 40 to 50 Euros. Does anyone know if I cold find this item for 25-30 Euros? The secondary markets are asking way too much, even if used, but I’ve always been wary with that area of collecting (my only form of OCD), so if anyone knows of any existing new stock of the item at a fair price, and can ship to the USA, please let me know. Thanks for any and all help

I paid just under 40 euro for this set when it was released. So paying around that price when it is OOP is really not too much. Good luck though.

Did you find it ?

I found one or two that weren’t at a bad price, but the places I saw them don’t ship outside Germany.