Looking for Ages for This Western

This had been bugging me for centuries now. I once caught this flick on Chilean tv. I was in them middle of a mob war, so I can’t recall it distinctly. There’s this cowboy and he’s dressed in black. Although it could be green, or any other colour. And then this really mean looking guy, who vaguely resembles any bad guy you could imagine from the spaghetti universe, flips a coin and then shoots a snake. But the snake is not dead. Later on the snake returns in the form of the bad guy, who was raped and murdered by robbers (I think). There’s also a train in which hookers work. But it also could be a stagecoach without any hookers. So, not sure about that either. Again, it’s all very blurry. I welcome your suggestions!


Despite there being more snakes and rapes and hookers and such, this is by far the more intriguing aspect of your memory :slight_smile: Tell us more

Hell yeah I do wan’t t know more, like who has won.

No ideia about the film do.

I’ve seen this film too. There was a fat guy, although he may have been thin, or maybe even a woman. Anyway he had a gun and I’m pretty sure there were horses in it somewhere.

Yes! Definitely the movie Phil is describing. We’re getting somewhere.

I think it was directed by Paul Theotherone.

I’m pretty sure it has Wulfgar Von Schnautzer as the lead actor.

In his reference book Deutsche B-Filme. Kinematographische Appropriation, Mimesis und Rekonfiguration nach 1945 (English title: German B-Movies: Cinematographic Appropriation, Mimesis and Reconfiguration after 1945), Harald Weisser mentions a reportedly lost Schnitzel Western masterpiece starring Wulfgar von Schnautzer. He writes (p. 367):

“After having completed the infamous Laredo series with director Günter Dremmler, von Schnautzer left Germany and moved to Austria. There, in the small village of Nursch, close to Großmugl, he made the acquaintance of movie mogul Ferdinand Antel, whose brother Franz proposed directing a Western with von Schnautzer as leading man.”

Weisser remains vague about the circumstances surrounding the film’s production and about the film itself but claims that its working title was “The Snake and the Mongoose.” Is it possible that Weisser is wrong, that the movie has survived and somehow was shown on Chilean television where you saw it?

By the way, Weisser also states – erroneously, I guess – that during the production of Rainer Werner Fassbinder’s arthouse Western Django de Brest (1982) Wulfgar von Schnautzer became romantically involved with Franco Nero’s body double.

Django de Brest was only an alternative title used by the producer for a dubious re-release, which intercut the movie with scenes from the Winnetou films and some Spencer Hill flics. Later video title of the redubbed version: Django de Brest and a Halleluja. A massive seller on the home video market nonetheless.

Fassbinder really hated both the new version and that title. He reportedly even turned in his grave (according to Harry Baer).

Ah, Harry the Baer knows best.