Looking for a Western

This western starts out a opening with a guy riding through a town and it is pouring rain and night out and he is wearing all black and it goes back and forth between him and people gambling and dancing in a saloon. I thought it was sartana or django but i check the movies and there is no scene like that.

Probably Boot Hill.


Ok, thanks and hopefully i find out what this movie is. I just remember the opening is that its pouring rain and he is riding into town dressed all black and soaked. There are screen shots of him riding and gambling and dancing going on in the sallon. He walks in the saloon with his head down water dripping off his hat lifts his head up and some authentic music plays in the background of the movie. He lights one of those small cigars. I want to say its either Terrence Hill or Franco Nero may even Anthony Steffen, Gianni Garko. I checked there movies online and haven’t seen that movie yet. It’s driving me crazy. lol.

I checkked the Boot Hill movie but i didn’t see the seen where he walks into the sallon dressed all black and lifts his head up to light a small cigar. Thanks for the response. I really appreciate it.

Boot Hill is what I thought at first, too, another possibility might be SABATA


That’s not it either, trying to find this movie has been driving me crazy. lol Thanks for the feed back. I really appreciate it.

I would almost say it’s For a few Dollars More. Clint arrives in town during a thunderstorm, lights a cigar, enters a saloon … but he’s of course not dressed in black

Here’s his entrance in the movie:

No but thanks anyways. I appreciate it. This one that i am talking about is very dark out and he is on a black horse i think. He is dressed all black like Django.

Hmm, there are not that many westerns with rain scenes.

In Clumsy Hands there’s a night opening with really intense rain and Alberto de Mendoza is dressed in black, but no cigar or saloon…

At this point could be American or Mexican western, unless the scene you described is not at the beginning of the movie.

Yes, on the other hand there are over 500 flicks to consider, and as is often the case, one’s own memories could be playing tricks and mixing things up. So maybe a distant memory of a spaghetti western and a recent watching of Unforgiven that was a bit too late at night, and suddenly there is rain where there was none, etc… just saying

I seen a guy named Brett Halsey aka Montgomery Ford who looked like the guy from the movie but very hard to find his movies online to watch. He also resembles Django.

He has a very Django-like look in Today we Kill… but I don’t think there was a rain.

Or this one (but I do not remember if there’s a rainy scene)

Yes those were the movies i been looking for online. I hope that it is one of them.

Spirito santo is another one also but not sure if it’s the same actor.

Not a Spirito Santo movie, no doubt about that.

Kidnapping is another movie ghat might be it.
It has ghe same actor also. I think this is the same movie also Twenty Thousand Dollars for Seven

What about La ciudad maldita? I used to have a download, but have lost it along with most of the others, so I cannot check, and my memory is nothing much to rely on. But it springs to mind. Black clad guy on a black horse, sombre opening…

Not sure, i tried to check about it on the website but the movie is not listed that i know of. May be it is under another name.