Looking for a particular movie

Hey guys… first post here!! But I’m looking for a movie I use to rent all the time from the video store when I was a kid. It was definitely one of the spaghetti westerns. I’m guessing it was probably made in the late 60s to mid 70s. I can remember there were two main guys, one had dark hair and one had lighter colored hair. I wanna think the blonde dude didn’t really wear a hat and wore a white shirt while the dark haired one had a blue ish shirt. I also wanna think the blonde dude had two pistols. Pretty sure at one point they are up against a bunch of soldiers. The soldiers were dressed like the Mexican soliders with the cap hat and rope under chin. That’s about all I can remember from thirty plus years back. if anyone has an idea of the Name of the movie I’m taking about I’d like to know.

maybe one of the Terrence Hill & Bud Spencer films?

My first tought was face to face.

My first thought was The Mercenary, but Nero wears a hat

Thinking of blondies in SWs who don’t wear a hat is pretty challenging

No… diffiently wasn’t those two. Both sides were on the slim side.

I thought of something else to the movie that may help narrow things down… I wanna think it may have been kinda long in running time and cut into two VHS tapes like some VHS copies of The Good, The Bad & The Ugly and Once Upon A Time were. And I’m pretty sure the copy the local video store had was one of the hard plastic cases that open like a book with the tape inside. VS the cardboard cases where the tape slides in the bottom. [I may be completely wrong here…this is over 30 years ago.] LOL

Not many studios risked having long running-times back then.

yeah… if it was a double tape release then it probably wasn’t a spaghetti you’re thinking of

the number of spags with that long a runtime are basically limited to the Leones…