Lookin 4 the followin

Hey guyz, new to this site, finally I have a place that has the same intrests as I…gotta luv them spags eh
I’m lookin for Faccia a Faccia and Campa Carogna la taglia Cresca(my Italian is bad, but…I am Italian, damn shoulda listened to my parents when I was younger)
I just recently started collecting spagehtti westerns and being from Canada it has been pretty freakin hard to get sum good stuff.
Anyhow I have a tonne of Shaw Bros movies(martial arts, horror movies- Euro, English, UK, as well other stuff, sum giallos, nun sploitation, cannibal and sum other cool stuff if anyone is interested, let me know via pm maybe we can trade.

Hey man I’m from Canada too and I’ve only been collecting SW’s for a bout a year now.

Try the following sites:

xploitedcinema.com, thedriveinconnection.com, atlasvisuals.com, trashpalace.com, europeantrashcinema.com

Kingriek@shaw.ca, Franco Cleef’s email.

If you ask around I’m sure one of these guys can clone a copy of the 50 dollar SPO face to face disc for you if they have it.

Thanx for the info!
Where ya from???

[quote=“270WBY, post:3, topic:922”]Thanx for the info!
Where ya from???[/quote]

The big smoke Toronto! I feel your pain man. Amazon.ca sucks there is no good canadian sites for buying SW’s.

Well Douglas Mortimer, I’m just north of ya…Maple.
Wonderland territory
And yah Amazon.ca suks. Most of the movies I have I’ve purchased from Xploited and from a great store in Markham called DVDWave(they can get you almost anything) you can go to their fleamarket location at the Pickering flea market or the store(which they are gonna close soon) at the corner of Woodbine and Hwy 7(north east side) they are gonna keep the mail order buz
Another great place to rent sum giallos, and sum off the wall euro stuff is from dvd mansion in markham as well south of hwy 7 on woodbine right next to tiger direct…

Hello to all
I´m trading the following titles:

(English audio)
L’Ultimo killer
Three bullets for long gun
Captain apache
Nato per ucidere
El macho
un bounty killer alegri in trinita
Savage Guns

Per un dollaro di gloria (spanish audio, english subs)
God doesn´t pay at Saturdays (german audio, no subs)
May God forgive you I wont (italian audio only, no subs) plus Corri uomo corri (italian audio only, no subs) on dvd (on .avi files)
If you have interest on some, let me know by sending a personal message!
kind regards,