Locations project 🗺️

Does this work for you?


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Know I’m a bit late but I’d be up for this. Wouldn’t want to drag anyone there but if others here are already going I’d be happy to tag along.

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So for each location (e.g. Manzanares el real) we should have a little page that can be linked to. And that page should have descriptions, links to further info, instructions on how to get to it, info on which movies it was used in, a picture and a map, at the least.
E.g. Cortijo del Fraile - The Spaghetti Western Database but this is just the bar minimum I think. More ideas? We should also make it pretty, maybe offer a .gpx download for the coordinates and use some pictogram/icons etc and make all location pages in the same format / structure. We can then put them all on a big map (I will figure something out).

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@Rayo you are among the location savvy fellas, what do you think how we could best implement it in the database?

On this topic, I have started again to add locations/ photos to the movie pages, at a slow rate.
The top 10 SW movies are complete.

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Thanks, :+1:
I like your idea.
Having a page linked to each location associated with the movie on its main page.
I think each location page is always going to be a work in progress.
As more information for that particular location is collected.

A lot of the location verification. Lets say for siteseeing.
We’re going to need to get boots on the ground.
That way if people are interested in visiting these sites. We know coordinates.

The idea of people actually visiting some of the locations still in existence today sounds fun.
Could make for a fun travel itinerary.

Having a page linked to each location associated with the movie on its main page is a great start.

One idea, I think would be helpful.
Once you click on the location page. There should be a “Pictures From The Movies” section.
Where different screenshots of that movie location could be found.
The title of the movie, and year should be attached to each picture.
Since sets or sites often changed throughout the years or movie to movie.
That could get picture heavy.

One other thing.
There should be a forum section for “locations”. Then a forum subsection for each location.
Members can submit the location information there.
As the information comes in. You can update the main location page when possible.

Once the forum subsections for each location are created.
I will start submitting screenshots of movie locations.