Location hunters definitive book

I got this amazing book at the Tourist Office in San Jose, Almeria. It covers just about every movie location in the area. It’s not genre specific, so you’ll see “Patton” alongside “For a Few Dollars more” and “Judas Iscariot”. The text is Spanish, but it is lavishly illustrated, and when you’re flicking through and see a picture from Lawrence of Arabia, and amongst other things the caption says “Carboneras”, now you know where they built the City of Akaba for the film. There’s a long list of authors, all of whom are Spanish, some of whom are Almerian born and all of whom have written articles about this movie region over the years.
So I’m highly recommending this.


Thanks for sharing man…I’ll be sure to try and get a copy of this next time we go. In fact I’ll have a look to see if I can get it online anywhere.

Yes, I picked up one of those last time I was there too.