Llamentol DVD catalog

I have made a DVD catalog from the Spanish label Llamentol.


Some DVD’s have English audio:

  • 30 Winchester per El Diablo (world’s only DVD with English audio)
  • Cjamango
  • Los Amigos (world’s only DVD)

The Western Spaguetti box is very inexpensive. 10 DVD’s only cost about 40, - €. :wink:

Great work, Straniero

Muchas gracias :wink:

If I remember right, Llamentol usually has transfers that at best look like good VHS. Just a warning. :stuck_out_tongue:

Good work with the catalog though.

Seems to be a few labels these days who appear to offer a sub-par product, but thanks to this place it saves me some cash :slight_smile: .

I have received informations from another SW fan:

The Llamentol version of the movie Black Jack:
Is a copy of the German DVD. With the same ending, the same picture quality …
Not recommended.

I’ve watch some Llamentol DVDs, mostly they’re average or low quality.
The guys from Spanish forum “Dispara Gringo” have made a list of DVDs released in Spain. It’s very useful.