List of directors and their films

I’ve been trying to find a list of directors and their movies in the database

Is there one?

If not don’t you think there should be
After all it is a database

Search a bit harder


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Thanks for the Link :grin:

I Don’t See Monte Hellman on the List? :man_shrugging:

Hellman is not an Italian or Spanish director, and his “shot-in-Europe” western China 9, Liberty 37 is not a SW.

Hmm, but checking the list, it seems it is not a complete list so far, and there are other directors on it which are also not really SW directors.

Hellman doesn’t have his own database page, and so isn’t part of the list (category). You can create an entry for him yourself, if you like.

I wonder why they’re alphabetized by first name, not surname.

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By default, the wiki lists alphabetically by first letter

This list of SW films and their directors (etc) is also useful (I used it last year to check out all watch list candidates between as I recall 1966 and 1978):

always wanted to do something like that for the SWDb as well, but so far, demand has been rather quiet, plus we have all that info (and it is where they have it from, I suppose), just not in one table…

But… if we wanted to do such overviews, we can - and we should probably make them even better, because we’re the SWDb :slight_smile:

Yes there is a potential for that in the link I posted. For example could all known English alternative SW titels be included as well. Just “some” extra work would be called for :slight_smile:

Lots of copying, pasting, error control and formatting…drawing from all the lists we already have

On the other hand, tables are really a bitch to work with, and they suck in terms of responsiveness, so they are usually bad when u want to use the SWDb from your mobile phone for example (which a lot of folks do, including myself)

I think this list was created by a German guy, who called himself in the web Fatmandan. Don’t know what happened to him, as his SW website is long down.

oh yeah him… yes his site was quite the go-to place in the days

That could be resolved by reversing the names:
Akinci, Nuri
Atasoy, Irfan

But I’m sure you thought of that.

there’s upsides and downsides to doing that of course, just as there is to put and "I"s or "The"s at the end of movie titles so as not to have them all under I and T…
I am sure the software also knows a few others tricks to structure information more semantically, but they might require some deeper digging…