Light the Fuse … Sartana Is Coming / Una nuvola di polvere … un grido di morte … arriva Sartana (Giuliano Carnimeo, 1970)

(Reza) #81

Best of sartana series , i think

(Menschenjaeger) #82

If not the best, definitely the most fun. The scene where’s he’s jumped by Monk’s men after their lunch…that was the exact moment I realized “I am on board this movie 100%, wherever it’s going.” Then, it delivers the line “Cowards! Three against one” and I had to pause the DVD I was laughing so hard, and THEN the pipe organ. This is one of my faves, up there with Master of the Flying Guillotine.

(Reza) #83

Watched this on blu ray again but the quality is not like a real bluray , believe me! 8)

(Farmer_J) #84

Does anyone know where you can get a copy of the Simple Movie DVD of this. I cannot find it anywhere, and its doing my head in that I have not seen this yet. Not to sound strange, but I’d really like to see Sartana with his organ in action :wink: ;D ;D.

(The Man With a Name) #85

How does the quality on the Sinister Cinema DVD compare with other releases?

(Sebastian) #86

So it is part of the BluRay box, just wanna make sure everyone gets that box :wink:,_amigos!.._paga_Sartana/BluRay

See the BluRay news topic…

(AngelFace) #87

Re-watched this after many years thanks to the new Blu-Ray, which looks rather well.

I’d have to rate it as so-so. The opening scenes are fairly unusual for a Western with Sartana getting himself incarcerated in that prison camp and you feel like a little more thought has gone into things than the usual, strung together spaghetti western plot. However, the plot is stretched too thin and there’s a fairly convoluted jumble of characters - I know that is how a Sartana movie is supposed to be but a bit more coherence would have been nice.

What’s more, Saratana has become very conventional in this film. Very human. I think Have A Good Funeral… nicely blended the jokey Carmineo approach with the darkness of the first film, however, here Saratana doesn’t appear at all supernatural. The graveyard scene is the only nod in that direction but doesn’t exploit it at all.

Certainly a decent film with a little more effort in it than most but just not Sartana enough for me!

(The Man With a Name) #88

I think it’s the second best Sartana film (Trade Your Pistol might be a tie) after the first one, which I still prefer to all the others. My least favourite has to be Have a Good Funeral despite some excellent action sequences.

(Andy) #89

This is one of my all-time favourite opening sequences of any spaghetti western and one of my favourite themes. I like this and Have a Good Funeral the most (but it’s hard to choose, the Garko Sartanas are all great). I still don’t have the blu-ray box set. :anguished: Have to wait until next month.

(kit saginaw) #90

I gave it a 9-out-of-10. Just some minor continuity-issues. Mostly with the steamroom-scene and guys rushing straight at the machine-gun. Heavy gold falling-out of the ceiling after 1-or-2 shots at it.