Let's trade dvd's!

I’m always looking to expand my collection of spaghetti western dvd’s. I have a whole lot of stuff to trade with (classics, cult, pulp, foreign, you name it). PM me or email me (hsiepel@yahoo.com) for a complete list of dvd’s I’m willing to trade and we’ll work something out. Please check my user profile for a list of spaghetti westerns I already have on dvd.

there’s no problem with posting lists and wish lists, I think that would work quicker than emailing lists around. you can also attach lists as text file or pdf file to posts

I have some titles that might interest. Please send me personal message!
-Chapagua´s Gold
-Django, last killer
-El macho
-Long ride from hell
-Machine gun killers
-Reason to live, reason to die
-Three bullets for Ringo
(All in english audio)

kind regards,

Ahhh, I almost forget it… one more title:
The last hunter (italian war flick in english audio)

Ralph, what country/company dvds are those?

I have a lot… I’m not posting the ones most of you all have (Leone’s, Run Man Run Django, etc.)

10000 Blood Money
Coffin for the Sherrif
7 Dollars on the Red
Pistol for Ringo
And God Said to Cain
Beyond the Law
Face to Face
Day of anger
Clint the Stranger
Return of Clint the Stranger
Dirty Outlaws
Django the Bastard
Hate thy Neigbor
I Am Sartana Your Angel of Death
If You Meet Sartana Pray for Your Death
Reason to Live Reason to Die
Stranger in Town
Bounty Killer
Return of the Stranger
Today We Kill Tomorrow We Die
Hills Run Red
Stranger and the Gunfighter
Arizona Colt
Viva Django
Between God THe Devil and a Winchester
Black Jack
Blood At Sundouwn
Captain Apache
Cutthroats 9
Djang the Last Killer
El Topo
Five Man Army
Gli Specialisti
God’s Gun
Hallelujah for Django
Roy Colt and Winchester Jack
In a Colt’s Shadow
Few Dollars for Django
Sartana in the Valley of Death
Death Sentence
7 Guns for the Macgregors
Sonny and Jed
A Man Called Hallelujah
Sugar Colt
Son of Django
Taste of Killing
Price of Death
They Call him Cemetery
Cemetert Without Crosses
Vengeance is Mine

and a bunch of others, all of varying quality. A lot of them are AVI files, so I can either make DVD’ or fit 4 avi’s on DVDR.

I really want:
Fighting Fists of Shanghai Joe
I Want Him Dead
Return of Ringo

but I’m really up for anything I haven’t seen as long as it’s not reaaaaaly bad or a comedy western. Let me know.

I have some quality Eurostuff up for trade. I like these movies, but I’d rather have spaghetti westerns. They’re like Pokemon; gotta cath them all, hehe.
So if anyone’s interested in swapping -original dvd’s that is-, pm me or post here. Feel free to ask specs.
Before you propose a trade please check my current dvd collection, to see what I have already:

Sorry Seb. Those are VHS rip / Brazilian

What version do you have of this one? ???