Lego westerns

Another hobby I have is to create Lego movies, and I am making a new one now, as a tribute to the SW’s. I have made one before, and here’s the link (there are two parts of it and if you watch both it’ll get better):

and here’s link two:

Also check out my site for more information:

Silence … you’re the greatest

Nice subtitels, good opportunity for me to learn some Swedish
I always thought it wasn’t that difficult to read, but when you guys talk to each other here on the forum, I have great difficulty to understand what’s being said, and sometimes I haven’t got a clue (I need a good dictionary, I suppose)

Very good work Silence :slight_smile: .

Yes great work Silence!

Are the voices done by yourself ? :o

That was really cool. I didn’t even know there was western themed lego available.

Snyggt jobbat tystnad!

The Django lego character was pulled from the shelves because his bloodied & broken hands kept falling off, causing a choking hazard. :wink:

[quote=“Lindberg, post:4, topic:1731”]Yes great work Silence!

Are the voices done by yourself ? :o[/quote]
Thanks for all the great comments fellas, no I didn’t do all the voices myself but some of them. :slight_smile:

It isn’t available. It was available many years ago so I bought it online and made a lot myself.

Finally! My second Lego Western is out!

I have a problem with the clip, it stops at 5.57 and won’t start again

It’s not so important, but ‘en’ is Spanish, in Italian it’s ‘in’ (but for some reason you would have ‘nel’ here). Even more Italian sounds the title ‘Il più grande massacro di Fort legoredo’, or simply: Il Massacro di Fort Legoredo

It works perfectly now

Sorry, forgot to mention it:


It was the first thing that popped up in my mind, I knew it wouldn’t be correct.

[quote=“scherpschutter, post:11, topic:1731”]Sorry, forgot to mention it:

GREAT WORK ![/quote]

I like it a lot!
Really hope you’ll get to direct one with people one’s upon a time!

Hey, Silence!

These are GREAT, amigo!
Lots of fun to watch!!
Keep up the good work.

Thank you, thank you! There will be more!

Can’t believe I missed this. Nice!

Thanks! I’m pretty sure I must be the first one to make a Lego SW (with Italian production!)!

The acting’s a little wooden, or rather plastic ;), but apart from that, wonderful!

Thanks! The plastic acting is hard to get away from when making Lego Films ;).

Only just watched this Silence. It’s very cool, well done. Particularly like the falling down the mountain death stunt 8)