Lee Van Cleef

Mostly remembered for his roles in the dollars trilogy and Sabata. But I was watching ‘High Noon’ yesterday, and he was one of the ‘stragers waiting for the train’ in the scene that Leone used in OUTITW. He looks incerdibly young in it and plays a vital part. I think the director had already seen how effective his eyes were, as he disnt have a single line, but looks damn cool.

Anyone think he’s the best ever spaghetti western actor?

Yeah, it’s funny to spot Lee van Cleef in american westerns where he usually have these minor roles.

I don’t think he’s the best actor of the spaghetti westerns but he really stands out as a icon of the genre.
He’s got thatkind of screen presence and face which is perfect for the spaghetti westerns.

Lee Van Cleef is an icon of SW genre, indeed, but my favorite is Clint Eastwood, his Man With no Name still the biggest icon of the genre. :slight_smile:

Yeah, he remains the biggest star…

Yeah, in OUATITW Frank’s character reminded me of him. For his suttle manner. But Cleef is my favourite SW actor aswell.

LEE VAN CLEEF! All I should need to mention is “Big Gundown.”

So many QT fans here and none of them mentioned the homage/Tribute to the great Lee Van Cleef at the end of kill bill 2, Anyways since one of u also mentioned spotting him in “High Noon”, I believe it was his debut movie :P. With more than 90 movies to his credit and half of them are westerns, this man is as good as anybody and a icon in himself

he died in '99 right?

No. It was 89.

What was that dedication in Kill Bill? I didn’t spot that.

What was that dedication in Kill Bill? I didn't spot that.

oh his name is mentioned in the closing titles …kind of homage from QT

he died in '99 right?

'89 as he said, Although i mentioned him in present tenses as i believe great artist never die they just become media shy but thats my opinion and i know it sounds VERY cheesy :stuck_out_tongue:

Van Cleef appeared in dozens of films thru out the '50’s and '60’s. Including “Gunfight At The OK Corral”, “The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance” and “How The West Was Won”. He also appeared in several low budget Sci-f- and monster movies like “It Conquered The World” and "The Beast From 20,000 Fathoms. No matter how large or small the part, he was a hell of a good actor

how Leone cast van Cleef (and much much more):
http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=4780340 (click LISTEN)

Van Cleef was in an episode of the Twilight Zone called “The Grave”, and (surprise surprise) its an old west themed one too.

lee van cleef is one of the best spaghetti western actors! i like his movies very much.

i watched “high noon” a few days ago. never saw a film before in which lee van cleef was so young. he looks really cool in that movie! little bid sad that he was not so young at the spaghetti western time.

I prefer his older look. He seems more mysterious.

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he certainly gave all the spaghetti westerns he appeared in a touch of class. my favourite lee van cleef role was colonel douglas mortimer in “for a few dollars more”.

Here is a little YouTube tribute I did to this great guy:


El Condor was his best role in my mind.

I just realized something…Lee Van Cleef was never in a Corbucci western. I always thought he was in at least one of them, but looking at a list of Corbucci’s westerns, he wasn’t in any.