Lee Van Cleef: White Lightning - Where did it go?

Not at all! I think it takes strength to look at a piece of media and be able to say “I see why this is good, its just not for me”.

From my experience (as someone working in the videogame industry) people who have more niche interests: whether games, movies or any other media that at some point might have been seen as “less cool” or “nerdy” have tendencies to protect these interests in a very black and white manner.
“I like this thing: therefore it is good”
“I don’t like this thing: therefore it is bad”
I really believe that there is value to be able to say you like something without it having to coincide with quality.
Or in your case be able to say you like something a bit less but it doesn’t mean that particular thing is therefore bad.

This way we open the floor up for everyone to have their likes and dislikes without connecting it to shame, judgement or bad taste ^^

(Its ok you can all judge me for liking Jaroo~ I stand by my choice! :heart:)