Lee Van Cleef - looking for anecdotes, interviews, etc

I’m making a request to my fellow LVC fans…

there is an appalling lack of in-depth information about this guy out there (at least as far as I’ve found). I’ve found excerpts from a few interviews and of course his summarized biography all over the place but little else.

If anyone has any good links to interviews, anecdotes or stories about LVC please post them here. As well is there anything in print (i.e. autobiography / biography) that one can obtain.

thanks kindly! :slight_smile:

there’s a book by Mike Malloy on him. Some of the folks at thebad.net forum seem to know alot as well.

I’ve got a scan of some old interview with Van Cleef, but it’s too big to attach here

If it aint too big you can upload it at http://www.imageshack.us/ and just post a link to it here.

Yeah but sometimes those files get deleted too fast so i dislike their service, but ok i will try

Thanks guys! I owe you! :slight_smile:

(and keep 'em coming if anyone has any more)

One of my favourite stories about LVC is how he was selected by Leone in FAFDM…how he came into the bar in a raincoat, ordered a bourbon and Leone hired him on the spot. He was half in the bag, so the story goes, and luckily his agent came down to seal the deal.

What a happy coincidence for SW fans eh!

I like the interview Alex Cox conducted with Cleef in the late 70’s, and is of course printed in the Frayling book Sergio Leone…Once Upon A Time In Italy.

“Pretending to be a tree or a animal would be confusing to me” :stuck_out_tongue: Thanks for posting this article.