Lee Van Cleef And Musical Watch

I can’t for life of me remember which Lee Van Cleef Movie Has a Musical Watch that was played when his wife was raped or something like that

Can someone remind me please?

I figured it out
It’s from A Few Dollars More
I for some reason was thinking it was a Van Cleef Movie not a Eastwood one
I mean as the Lead

I suppose you could argue it sort of is. He gets about as much airtime as Eastwood.

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Typically its known as a Eastwood and Leone Classic
Though I do agree Lee Is as good as Eastwood in it and should get more Credit
Same goes for GBU

I’m a big Van Cleef Fan (as well as Eastwood)

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I think Howard Hughes argued that Mortimer is actually the main character of the film and I kind of agree. I think the only reason it isn’t a common belief is because Manco is the (off-screen) character in the opening, and is the character we see ride off when the credits start rolling.

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Maybe that’s why I thought it was a Van Cleef Film :thinking:

Some might say that Van Cleef took the lead in that film in the same way Wallach took the lead in GBU. For A Few Dollars tips over GBU for me as a Spag West fan simply because of Colonel Mortimer although I acknowledge that GBU is one of the finest films ever made.

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Alex Cox has written that the flashback is a shared one by Volonte and Van Cleef. I have not seen the film for a while and so cannot remember. Is Cox correct? Is the flashback seen from the perspective of both characters? If so, then Van Cleef is a witness to the murder and also a voyeur. If he was a witness, then why didn’t he intervene to stop the murder?

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Cox is making up things that are not in the film.

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I must admit I don’t share his reading of this but, you know, disagreements make life interesting.

There might be different versions of the film out there. I remember the flashbacks occurring throughout the film - from both LVC an d GMV perspective. Each time the flashback moves the narrative on slightly, with the full thing explained in the final one.

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Is this the spaghetti western mandela effect I was asking for?

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Could well be

Like I originally stated in my memory this was a Lee Van Cleve Film

I had no Memory of Eastwood being in it
And that’s hard for Me to Believe being as this is One of the Dollars Trilogy

I Think You’re on to Something :thinking:

So, is it a shared flashback or not? If it is, Cox’s theory is validated.

No it’s not.

There are no different versions around, and Volonte is the only one who remembers that scene, who has these flashbacks, and it is only in the final scene that LvC explains his relationship with the raped girl.

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Why would Cox make this up? Wouldn’t this damage his credibility as a spaghetti expert? There is an alternate version in which not only is there the shared flashback, but also Eastwood not in it. We know this because both JoeCool and Cox have seen this version. This version is being hoarded in someone’s basement in the Republic of Costa Rica. We must find and digitally restore it to its former glory.

I never said the flash back was shared and I just thought it was a Van Cleef Movie from my Memory of the Flashback Scene of the Musical Watch
But I Never Said Eastwood wasn’t in It.

I think you’re kidding though so :joy: :man_shrugging:

Actually it is a small back room in Tijuana where one can find all the versions the fans love or would love to have …

Well, if you look at his face, his nose is just like Pinocchio’s.