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it’s an antiquated expression, but not wrong.

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Site looks great! Cheers

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[quote=“scherpschutter, post:1459, topic:555”]I like it too. I discoved a movie I had never ever heard of (or forgotton that I ever did):,_dies_Amerika

Unfortunately, it’s rubbish, according to a (German language) article I found on the Net:

By the way, is ‘dies’ in the title correct? I would have expected ‘dieses’ (or am I misreading it completely?)[/quote]

I have never seen it.
It is a direct sequel of Jaider, der einsame Jäger, which was shot in the style of a SW, and which brought the director some fame.

It got here and there some good reviews too. It seems to be an anti-western. And the title are the last words of the dying protagonists.

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I’m intrigued

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Me too!

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I think I’ll go looking for this title, it’s an interesting title, and also an interesting idea

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I am making slow progress adding links to, exchanging the one or other DVD cover for a better picture, and filling in some missing ones.

In the meantime I have locked the SWDB for registration and I am hunting down spam…

Also trying to revive the community page.

and guys, any ideas for the christmas guide?

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You can read every f*** detail about Sergio first symphony here:

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do you mean FUCKING? :wink:

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haha “Great!” says the Austrian guy, who knows very well that “Fucking” is a town in Austria and an English verb :wink:

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I heard about that once, don’t remember exactly when and where, but thought it was a joke
Is it really called Fucking?

I wrote this f*** (details) because writing the article was very hard work, constantly checking and double-checking those details.
I’m sure there are still mistakes in it, but like I said in the first paragraph, it’s awfully difficult to distinguish fact and fiction in this aspect.

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What should a man do without You Tube?
Here we go:

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Back to the article:

There are still a few troubles regarding names:

The name Gian Maria Volonté appears in red, although he has a page and I tried to make a link by copying the name from there (it’s written, for some reason, Gian maria volonté)

Carlo Simi appears in red in the text (no link), but in blue in the bar under the article (Category:Carlo Simi)

I’m afraid these are problems I can’t solve

I’ll see to that in the future all essential contributors to this movie get their own page (still a few things to do)

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those red link problems occur throught the SWDB and when i find some free time i will investigate. in some cases these are bugs related to case-sensitivity (though no idea why some words are suddenly in small letters)…

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[quote=“scherpschutter, post:1472, topic:555”]I heard about that once, don’t remember exactly when and where, but thought it was a joke
Is it really called Fucking?[/quote]

But it is pronounced like “Fooking”

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short “oo”, yes… the “ing” is just a comon southern german and austrian ending for place names, a germanic word origin to my knowledge. other examples would be Dingolfing (home of a huge BMW plant) or Parsing (a town close to Munich).

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Great article!

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Still one article to come on Fistful, Leone & Eastwood

Stay tuned

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There should maybe a direct link added from Part 2 back to Part 1. Even if most will have no problems going back to part 1. Or finding it.