Laserdisc releases

Made a little start:

I don’t collect these, but some of them would look nice framed. Feel free to add releases, specs etc.

great idea! just because the format is out, doesn’t mean it’s not interesting! let’s do it :slight_smile:

It’s hard to find images for these, except for the more common ones. If anybody has some, please share.

There’s a lovely Japanese LD for The Great Silence on Ebay, but $100 is a bit too much for me.

Here are some photo’s of Yodlaf’s old ones from the pre cert forum:

Here are some photo’s of Tom’s from the pre cert forum:

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Thanks! Already found Alive or Preferably Dead and Bullet for the General images that I photoshopped. When I have time I’ll do the same for these.

Did a bunch.
@ Yodlaf, can you give me the specs for the Halleluja disc?

Thats one of Tom’s (Tom…the Spaghetti man with all the vhs, forget his last name now.) ones Bad Lieutenant.

Ah, ok. He’s on Cinehound.

Sonny & Jed with English audio - interesting…

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