Lardani -title designer

For me one of the most appealing aspects in Dollar trilogy have been the striking animated title sequences created by Eugenio Lardani. Rotoscope-style animated title sequences became one of those key aspects that sw’s are identified with. But there’s very little information about this guy who started it all. Imdb has only 6 films credited to him though I believe he made much more.

Here’s a bit I found on Fistful-of-Leone board:

Not so much is known about Iginio Lardani, so we contacted his son Alberto who worked with his father for more than twelve years. "My father didn't attend any kind of graphic design school", Alberto writes, "He was an autodidact with a great interest in painting. He entered the film world as film poster designer and created, among others, the Italian poster of 'High Noon'. Beside the 'Dollars' trilogy, my father designed the title sequences of many other Italian films, but his main activity was the editing of film trailers. His trailers of 'Mogliemante' by M. Vicario and 'Una Giornata Particolare' by Ettore Scola were awarded first and second place among five hundred trailers within the Cannes film festival of 1978. And Iginio created TV ads".

“He was allowed an entirely free hand when designing title sequences and film trailers and he worked from his own study. Since 1986, the year my father passed away, I have continued his work” explains Alberto.

Anyone knows more about him? And what are your favorite Lardani titles?

It’s a difficult question, but I think “A fistful of dollars” are my favorite Lardani titles.
This was my 2nd spaghetti I watched and I have a weakness for this movie, and that’s why I consider the titles to be better even than “Il buono, Il brutto e il cattivo”… :wink:

I don’t know anything about him but do love Spaghettis with rotoscope credits ;D

Thought the topic was spam for clothing at first :smiley: .