Lallo Gori

Does anybody know if there is any Lallo Gori soundtrack available? ???

Almost all his works are available. You could check them on

Beat Records have released a couple

Tequila / Era Sam Wallash… Lo chiamavano Cosi Sia!


Inginocchiati straniero… I cadaveri non fanno ombra! / Con lui cavalca la morte

Can be bought for around 12 euro each from or

These are the ‘complete’ soundtrack recordings. There are of course also some single tracks spread over a variety of compilations.

Check also this overview of what has been released of Coriolano Gori on CD and LP:

Are there any other releases than the above-mentioned? He scored lots of other spaghetti westerns which have had no soundtrack release. Don’t know how many consists of recycled scores though !??

Apparently not as no answer has forthcomed. Most of Coriolano Gori’s scores are not available then.

I enjoyed Gori’s score of Massacre Time but Sam Wallach was a terrible score. Typically Fidani.Trying to be both spaghetti and american with those out of place horns.