La Spina Dorsale Del Diavolo

This is a Spanish location used in THE DESERTER. It’s known as El Torcal de Antequera, and you get to it on your way from Malaga to Cordoba, heading up the MA-2, A-7, A7075, then finding a route sign that takes you 11 miles off the main road at Villanueva de Cauche.
In fact, the first motorway rest station on the route has a huge tiled-wall depiction of the place, which is what prompted me to visit.

There’s a big car park at the visitor centre

Then you wander along a bit and there’s the view

It’s very overgrown, and I hate to think what’s lurking down there now


Did you walk the long trail? Like I said I my review I didn’t get to and won’t be able to until next year…if you did please upload any photos :+1:

Nope. Just wanted to see those amazing rocks. We were on our way to Cordoba, so this was just a short stop.

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No worries. Can’t wait to do it myself.