L' Oro Dei Bravados OST


I first heard “Gold of the Proud Ones - Memories” on the _Classic Italian Soundtracks_Spaghetti Westerns Volume 3 and fell in love with it immediately. I looked around for the full soundtrack and/or the movie but kept coming up short, so I threw in the towel. I recently gave it another shot and found that “Gold of the Proud Ones” was not the title in IMDB, it was “L’Oro Dei Bravados”…“Chapaqua’s Gold” was the main US title with 2 other alternates, but none were “Gold of the Proud Ones”, which explains why it was so difficult to locate the soundtrack on Youtube. If that wasn’t bad enough the actual song name “Memories” produced no results as well, which I later discovered was because it was listed under the Italian word for memories, “Ricordi”. Everytime I here that trumpet the hair stands up on my arms! I was super excited to finally locate the OST and was pleased to find that all of the tracks are excellent. I would definitely place it amongst my top 20 favorite SW Soundtracks. Check it out if you haven’t already, you won’t be disappointed.



Unfortunately the link to YouTube is saying unavailable - perhaps that’s just for the UK ?

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It’s also unavailable in Poland.


sorry muchachos, try this one…they both work in the US



Google Music Play link in case you can’t view Youtube outside US:


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The soundtrack was released something like 20 years ago by GDM paired with the Halleluja for Django soundtrack and a more complete one was released by Verita Note in 2007:


Both soundtrack releases are still available from www.intermezzomedia.it

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Hi, when you look on discogs there are still 8 cd’s for sale , starting from 12,80€. This is for the GDM release …

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Thanks for this Eddie - I’ve also heard this on the Classic Italian Soundtrack Vol 3 which is my one of my favourite compilation CDs. Good to listen to the entire soundtrack.

I watched Sugar Colt this morning (Koch Western Unchained DVD) for the first time - there’s also a track from this film on the same compilation CD. I really like the tune in this movie where the bugle is playing - just spinning up the CD now to have a listen…