Kung Fu Spaghetti Western help

Hi there folks. Great site. I already used the contact option to answer this question and seb replied advising me to try in here so here we go.

I last saw this movie when I was 12 (29 now). It was overseas so the name could be wrong but it was called - “The Fastest Fist in the West”

Story of a man from china, decked in Blue with the straw hat traveling the west and stumbles upon many things, such as the execution of mexican peasants, and is hunted down for it.

The story was fun for me when I was a kid but had its silly moments:

some scenes were great (ie card shuffling, one on one with a bull, using his hand as a hammer, helping mexican peasants from not getting slaughtered, and fighting off the men he beat in poker when they try to catch him off guard sleeping) . In one scene, he gets shot after escaping with a woman, in both knees and the shooter is basically a lunatic who plays with a doll. The hero manages to escape and treats his gun shot wounds.

and some silly scenes like being flat on the ground and yet jumps onto a horse, catching a bullet with his hand in the climax and then using that same hand and penetrating his foe in the end (who was also chinese and they both shared the same symbol/tatoo on their arms). Every time he would do his jump, he would make a silly sound like — EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEH

The movie seemed like your usual spaghetti western with the dubbed voices and same directing sense of Leone.

Anyways, any help in solving this life long problem would be great. Thanks.


Could very possibly be “The Fighting Fists of Shanghai Joe.” 1972(?) Or its sequel.

Here is a link to Shobary who has pics form the movie. See if they match up.


Yeah it’s definitely Fighting Fists of Shanghai Joe

I wouldn’t remember that much from a movie after such a long time…

WOW. that’s it. Thank you guys so much. Let’s see how easy it is to find to watch again.

WOW, thanks guys.

lol well that’s how I am. It was the same for Young Billy Young and it took me 10 years to find the name of that movie after IMDB updated Robert Mitchum’s page.

Guess that leaves 2 more movies I need to do know their names. One is a western that is centered around oil rigs and there is a fight inside the oil and another one is a mad max nuclear holocaust type flick but won’t bother you guys with that.

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Could very possibly be “The Fighting Fists of Shanghai Joe.” 1972(?) Or its sequel.

Here is a link to Shobary who has pics form the movie. See if they match up.


so they did make a sequel? interesting seeing as I did feel the movie ended without the big boss having to pay.

True, and in my opinion this ending is a real letdown. However, Return of Shanghai Joe does not pick up from where the first one ended so we never know what happened to the bad guy of the 1st one. Return of… is more comedy with very little violence or kung-fu. That’s why most people don’t like it.

Tell us about the western. One oil western I know is The Oklahoma Crude from 1974.

Wasn’t Cipolla Colt oilish?

I thought onionish

Fistful of oil?

No, that’snot enough information for me…

Sadly it’s not Oklahoma Crude. This had a more western look to it and not 1913 look. I would have remembered George C Scott and Palance. I am sure there were no cars either. That one I can barely remember unlke Joe Shanghai. It wasn’t a spaghetti western though and that’s why I never gave more detail. All I can remember is alot of fist fights near the end between the hero and a couple of henchmen and all get covered in black oil. One scene I think you see the hero wash himself from the oil outdoors with the help of the old school water pump.

well that is disappointing. I am still surprised my folks let me watch this gory flick when I was a kid. eyeball popping and all. Probably will see the sequel just for fun. Thanks for the info.

I first thought the oil western is maybe the French Les Petroleuses, but now I’m not sure if it’s the one you’re thinking of

after looking that up on youtube, not that one either but I do recall seeing this movie once a long time ago too.

Wish I could give more info but I cannot. Guess some obscure B western movie.

There was a 40s b/w western with young John Wayne

Don’t think so. this was in color. but thanks anyways. Shanghai Joe is more than enough for me.

IBES, avoid “Return of Shanghai Joe” at all costs. I watched it last night, it’s a pile of shit. Nothing like the original.

Looking forward to watching Return of Shanghai Joe as want to see how shit it is :D.