KSM Germany 2006

just read on cinefacts.de, that KSM secured the rights to about 50 films, among them some spaghetti westerns… here’s some info:

“Gentleman Joe - Der Rächer bin ich” (1967 - Antonio De Teffé)
“Zweimal Judas” (1969 - Klaus Kinski)
“Whiskey und die Goldgräber” (1976 - Robert Woods)
“Vier Fäuste schlagen wieder zu” (1973 - Horst Frank, Ferdinando Baldi)
“Vier Fäuste und ein heißer Ofen” (1975 - Ferdinando Baldi)
“El Cisco” (1966 - Sergio Bergonzelli)
“Tödlicher Ritt nach Sacramento” (1967 - Giuseppe Vari)

and probably some more…

You forgot “Stirb oder töte” (KILLER CALIBRO 32)

that is not a spaghetti western, or is it?

It is.

yeah. damn me :slight_smile:

i added half of these movies into the database which weren’t listed yet. the poster looks awesome

Nice poster.

A western in the whodunnit mould, PLL’s character was used again in Garko’s IL VENDITORE DI MORTE.

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