Korean Django

Has anyone seen this?It was released by Neo Sense.I believe it is all region NTSC.It is listed as having 5.1 surround.If so,I am definitely picking it up.

I don’t know what is your source, but I strongly believe that it is the same as old Anchor Bay disc except the prolog only contains Korean subtitles on Italian soundtrack. In that sense, it can only contain Italian DD 2.0 Surround and English DD 2.0 Mono. See http://www.dvdfromkorea.com/ and http://www.dvdcompare.net/ for title “Django Strikes Again”.

I have the Neo Sense release of Texas Adios, which is an exact rip of Anchor Bay’s (except with Korean subs). So with Django it’s probably the same.

Well ,f it is a rip of the Anchor Bay release,no point in me buying it since I already own it.Thanks for the info.