When i play this DVD on my NTSC JVC player, which does an internal PAL conversion, it is sped up more than the normal 4%. I was wondeing if this disc plays normally for those of you who have a native PAL player, or for that matter anyone else who may watch it on a NTSC machine? I never even notice the usual 4% speed-up on my other PAL discs, but this one is annoying. I wonder if it would play differently in another player?

Worked fine in my PAL DVD player.

Still a pretty crappy movie though.

You need to get one of those new players that upscales the film to kick ass

LOL. A lot of upscaling is needed for this one to be anything but crap.

play it on your laptop to avoid pal/ntsc trouble :slight_smile:

I’ll give that a try, it’s just odd that it speeds up more than other PAL discs.