Koch Media DVD Defects?

Has anyone other than myself had playback problems with some of Koch’s SW DVDs?? I’ve got glitches on both Road To Ft. Alamo and Johnny Hamlet that are pretty bad and I know it’s not my players. Has Koch acknowledged any issues?

Don’t have Ft Alamo, but I do own Johnny Hamlet
Watched it twice and as far as I remembered no problems occurred

I do have problems with my NEW disc of Bandidos
There a no visible scratches or fingers, but there’s terrible macro blocking during the second chapter on one player; on my other players it just stops at this particular moment

I have both of those discs and have no problems with either.

The two discs you mention Squonkamatic have been fine with me.

Interesting what you say re the NEW disc Scherpschutter.

I have had problems with Death Sentence and the Big Gundown. If I try to select a language other than German the DVD locks up. I have tried the DVDs on multiple DVD players and I get the same result. To get around this I have to start the film on German then go back to the main menu and change the language to Italian then change the subs to English. There is definitely some type of defect.

Also with Death Sentence the English subs lock up early on in the film. I have to fast forward through the part and even then the subs are out of sync.

Haven’t had problems with their new discs (there is still a couple I need to see, but Johnny Hamlet and Alamo worked just fine) but I did have problems with the Big Gundown disc of the Sergio Sollima box. If I remember correctly it skips an entire chapter probably at the disc layer change. Not on all players though. I suspect the disc (and all the Big Gundown discs on all the boxsets) is still faulty though and some (most) players just are able to handle it better. Or maybe it is just mine.

I think I had problems with Death Sentence as well, but can’t remember what kind of. :stuck_out_tongue:

As for the NEW release of Bandidos, I returned my first disc because of some problems with playback at the early scene of the bandits chasing the train. Didn’t actually check if my replacement disc works or not (I prefer the SPO disc so its not a big loss if the replacement is bad as well).

That’s exactly where the problems occur on my disc so my guess would be that the replacement disc has the same shortcomings; they probably used a defective existing disc as source.

Interesting! Thanks guys. My problem was with severe artifacting starting at about the 40 minute mark on Johnny Hamlet that goes away if you press stop and then re-start it. The Fort Alamo glitch was a point about seven minutes into the movie where the picture freezes up for about thirty seconds and then resumes. Both errors were noticed on two different players, one a multi-region the other a region-free which is actually brand new. It was only when seeing the same errors on the new player at the same locations that I concluded it must be a disc error, a conclusion borne out by Handbreaking a copy of Johnny Hamlet that did not have the problem at all.

This is a thread someone at Koch Media should read.