Know a good whistle?

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Howdy! This is my first post. Does anyone know of a good Spaghetti Western whistle apart from in Good, Bad & Ugly and Fistful of Dollars? Many thanks! :smiley:


For A Few Dollars More :smiley: .

(Stanton) #3

And El puro :wink:

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Excellent. Thanks for the quick responses! :slight_smile:

(autephex) #5

Ah yes, had this one in mind but couldn’t think of what film it was


Also pretty fond of Morricone’s A Sky Full Of Stars For A Roof:

(autephex) #7

“Il Mercenario (ripresa)” - Ennio Morricone

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[quote=“ENNIOO, post:6, topic:2576”]Also pretty fond of Morricone’s A Sky Full Of Stars For A Roof:[/quote]

Great tune

(Yodlaf Peterson) #9

[quote=“autephex, post:7, topic:2576”]“Il Mercenario (ripresa)” - Ennio Morricone[/quote]One of my favourites

(Bill san Antonio) #10

There’s a little bit of whistling on Giu la Testa theme too.

(Andy) #11

Roberto Pregadio’s “Ballata Per Un Pistolero”

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[quote=“autephex, post:7, topic:2576”]“Il Mercenario (ripresa)” - Ennio Morricone

That was the first I thought of.

There’s another good one in The Forgotten Pistolero:


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Your username is hilarious by the way, BigSmokedown

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It is? :-[

I just realised someone Ghost of Sartana posted the music for The Forgotten Pistolero already. Damn it.

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Perhaps your Smokedown was a little too Big :wink: