Klaus Kinski (Character Death Question)


I remember seeing a SW where Klaus Kinski dies very early in the film by being shot while he’s hiding behind a vertical wooden box or coffin. Would like to revisit the film and finish it.

Title anyone?

Thank you!!

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That would be 1968’s Se Incontri Sartana…Prega per la Tua Morte (If You Meet Sartana, Pray for Your Death). Very highly recommended SW viewing. The sequels are fun watches too. Kinski has more of an extended cameo/guest star part.

You can check it out via either the Arrow Video Box Set, a German Blu Ray, or streaming services


Thank you!

I actually already own the Sartana collection but forgot that this scene was from a Sartana film.

Thanks once again!


No problem, amico, always happy to help when I can.