Killer Kid (Leopoldo Savona, 1967)

(Dillinger) #81

I fully agree.

I think ratings like that are not really fruitful:

“I rate Steffen like 3.5 µm above Garko.”

So what?!

(Frank Talby) #82

I was thinking of rating Garko a full Kelvin above Steffen.

(Starblack) #83

Garko is the Higg’s boson to Steffen’s neutron.

(autephex) #84

I was never meaning to compare the two, just stating I enjoy Steffen more than Garko

(p.pereira) #85

Watch the beautiful Koch DVD this weekend. First impression… I think it is a very decent action western.
Steffen plays his regular mode but who cares?! ;D

(sartana1968) #86

one of the few zapata westerns i like anthony steffen looks awesome in killer kid!

(Commissioner) #87

I thought this film was OK. Enjoyable enough for mindless action, but the plot didn’t hold together. I’m pretty sure there was a bit just before the final gunfight where you could see an enormous truck parked at the bottom of one of the quarries. It seemed like the sort of thing they should have noticed!

(Col. Douglas Mortimer) #88

What, you mean you didn’t hear about all the trucks that were used during the Mexican revolution?!

LOL just pulling your leg :slight_smile:

(Commissioner) #89

I heard a story somewhere that more bullets were used in the making of the Wild Bunch than in the entire Mexican revolution. I don’t know if it’s true, and I can’t remember where I heard it, but I like to believe it.

I also like to believe that more trucks were used in the making of Killer Kid than the Mexican revolution… again, that might not be true!

(ENNIOO) #90

Heard that story aswell, but like you do not remember where. My dad may have mentioned it to me. The Wild Bunch was one of my Dad’s favourite films.

(JonathanCorbett) #91

There is no doubt that this remarkable film belongs with every right to the all things considered not too limited circle of Anthony Steffen best SWs.

(tomas) #92

i think, movie starts well, but after some 30 min, i simply lost interest in the story
the best thing about this movie is probably Sancho and his lines
some scenes can pluck you out of boredom, for instance, when Steffen is forced to shoot a dollar out of hand of his girlfriend
but i hardly can find something memorable about this spaghie

(scherpschutter) #93

It didn’t quite work for me, but for some others it did:



(sartana1968) #94

[quote=“scherpschutter, post:93, topic:994”]It didn’t quite work for me, but for some others it did:


not great not superior, just a good spaghetti western

(JonathanCorbett) #95
(.....) the antihero from the Zapata movies, is decidedly a different type: he usually is an American or European professional, sophisticated but greedy, who joins the revolutionaries for opportunist reasons but eventually starts sympathizing with their cause. Steffen plays the duplicitous gringo in his own brooding way, and his conversion to the revolutionary ideas is not depicted in term of a political awakening. El Santo asks the American to stay with the peones, who 'deserve a better life' and that's it. As a result, Killer Kid doesn't really feel like a Zapata western, more like a misplaced Dollar movie

With hindsight, but it should not be forgotten that when Killer Kid was filmed, even when it was released in September 1967, the subgenre was substantially unborn and there was no clear model.

There was only Quien Sabe? (and as you know Damiani was saying it’s not a western), Revolution SWs like A Train for Durango, Run Man Run, The Mercenary, Tepepa, The Five Man Army - not to mention Companeros, Duck You Sucker and Long Live Your Death - are all subsequent to this one.

(autephex) #96

Good point, JonathanCorbett. That had never occurred to me before

(the_ugly) #97

Really liked this one. One of my more preferred westerns set during the Mexican revolution I think, and a favourite Steffen movie for me now.


^I don’t concur :), it’s not one of Steffen’s best. It didn’t do anything for me.

(the_ugly) #99

I think with spaghetti westerns, there is a lot variation in opinions owing to personal taste. But that makes it more interesting really, the difference in viewpoints and opinions. :smiley:

(Bible Joe) #100

For me this is also one of the best Spaghettis. I really dig this film.