Kill or Die / Uccidi o muori (Tanio Boccia, 1966)

(Silence) #21

Yes haha!

(Bad Lieutenant) #22

What a damn snoozefest, unbelievable. Very boring and very corny. And what´s with the violin? It adds nothing to the story. The film has only one good scene, when Ringo kills off four guys in an instant. That’s it. There’s only one spaghetti type character, that of Gordon Mitchell. Story is pure crap, horribly cliched.

(JonathanCorbett) #23

[quote=“scherpschutter, post:2, topic:1121”]Funny thing: according to Marco Giusti Gordon Mitchell’s character is called Ringo (or better: was renamed Ringo, originally he was apparently called Baltimore Joe), while Rod Dana’s character is called Jerry Colt (it takes to Italian to invent such a name!)

The film was launched with the slogan (the last one of the article): La leggendaria storia di Jerry Colt, l’uomo che uccise Ringo" (The legendary story of Jerry Colt, the man who killed Ringo)[/quote]

There is no complication in the Italian dub: the main character is called Johnny Ringo (he arrives in town calling himself Jerry Colt), while Gordon Mitchell’s character is called Baltimore Joe.

The slogan alludes to what the sheriff says at the end of the film :wink:

(Reverend Danite) #24

I got this one out of my rhinestone studded cases for last night’s viewing thinking I hadn’t seen it… until I got to the violin. Then I realized I had the big box legit version and I had seen it before.
Anyway, I stuck with it as it obviously hadn’t made too much impression the first time…
… and it didn’t make much more impression this time,
… but it was enjoyable at times.
The annoying arrogant kid getting it, Gordon Mitchell of course, and the dog surviving in this one. :slight_smile:
There was also a brief shot of our protagonist with a parasol, and some highly ropey philosophising…

“You see, death can be a bit like your own shadow. You can try and run away from it, but it’s right there behind you…” [size=8pt][this is nowhere near as good as Robert Woods’ El Puro “tombstone on your back” version of the same sentiment though][/size]
“Do you believe in God?”
“Of course I do…” our hero replies “…He’s the only one that never took a shot at me.” :stuck_out_tongue:

The film’s ok and about as deep and meaningless as the philosophising - which should’ve and could’ve been darker all round.
Less than half marks so rounded down to a 2.

(Col. Douglas Mortimer) #25

While its very nice to see Gordon Mitchell in the all to rare role as the lead protagonist in a western, I really wish he was given better material. Mediocre film.

(JonathanCorbett) #26

Very probably you mix up Uccidi o muori and the contemporaneous Nato per uccidere, Colonel. In this one the lead protagonist is Rod Dana (as Robert Mark).

(Col. Douglas Mortimer) #27

Oh sorry my bad!! Hahaha.

On in that case I actually like this one! Its the one with Rod Dana playing the violin right? This is actually pretty good!

(ENNIOO) #28

Becomes a bit routine when our hero kills someone the local lawman always seems to be around. Generic story really, and the playing of the violin by the hero is a bit corny. It’s like the people who did the storyline just come up with a random idea, whilst having a beer or something. Gordon Mitchell cannot even save the day in this average film.

(Bad Lieutenant) #29

This movie doesn’t deserve it at all, but fuck it:



(autephex) #30

Screen comparison match up

Corner 1: X-Rated DE DVD (top)
Corner 2: WE US DVD (bottom)

And here we see classic issues with WE converts - interlacing with some ghosting compared to the original DE encoding:


Do they ever look at their own stuff, and think, “I wonder how we can improve the picture quality?” … clearly not! :roll_eyes:

(autephex) #32

What’s ridiculous is they seem to have probably just copied the DE disc, and for some unknown reason decided to add interlacing - something which is totally not required for a DVD & should never be added to a video