Kill Johnny Ringo / Uccidete Johnny Ringo (Gianfranco Baldanello, 1966)

I picked this at random last night but haven’t made it to the end (yet)…

Directed under the name of Frank G. Carrol, it’s an American stylee spag with a clean-cut protagonist and feel - (so far)… but we can hope there’s a bit more beastliness to come (fat chance). Brett Halsey is Johnny, who’s a marshall investigating some counterfeiting goings on in a town that’s pretty much owned by a charmless fellah in a waistcoat called Gary Jackson, aided by his mean looking black clad henchman (hoorah!).
So far our heroic Johnny had pushed a pissed bloke over, and got beaten up over a card game, and yet people keep gushing on about how handy he is with his fists ???
Jackson believes that he also owns a share in l’il dimple-chinned Annie the saloon singer (she actually gets to sing a quite nice song), but instead she’s going a bit damp under her various blamongey cream-cake dresses for another badboy (maybe yet with a conscience?), who’s in the pay of Jackson, called (wherever I lay my hat) Ray.
Gary cottons on to the potential naughtiness (Ray should’ve picked up his hat) that also goes on in the ol’ scrote alcoholic blacksmith’s shed. He sends a gang of his boys to return and shoot up said hat as a warning (oooh… nasty ;)), prior to getting Ray fixed up for murdering a mexi-gambler that he’d previously got into a ruck with. Meantime, somebody’s out to put a few holes in our main man. I gotta feeling Ray’s pretty sis is gonna play a bigger part in this as well…
To be continued…

…one day.

Actually, it’s not so bad a film given its lack of spaghetti-stylee, and I will finish it soon. The version I’ve got is a vid rip, and what is left on the screen is pretty good quality, but include some sort of scando-subs that are completely under the picture. If I had a techno-zoom button that worked I could fill the screen and enjoy this more, but instead I put a couple of very low-tech cushions in front to mask off the very large and annoying text. So far… ok.

Matad a Johnny Ringo on YouTube.

Another one filmed in S.C.O. Western Town (see Thompson 1880 thread, Reply #63).


Not much being said about this one here. What do you guys think about it?

Quite boring, quite mediocre. 3/10

Been a long time since I watched it but remember it being pretty tame stuff with low Spaghetti styling. Tries to be more an American style western for the most part, That said, I should probably give it another whirl sometime soonish to refresh my memory. Afraid it fell into a category of films which were ok but didn’t compel me to go back in a hurry.

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3/10 coming from you, that tells me that It’s at least whorth a try :wink:

Positively said it is not Baldanello’s worst Spag …

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