Kid Rodelo (Carlson / 1966)

Watched this little Eurowestern yesterday for the first time and couldn’t find a thread for it so am making one now.

Something of an oddity I think as made in Black & White which was unusual for a Western released as late as 1966. That, along with the 3 American leads more famous in the 50s makes the whole thing seem older than it really is. Also feels strange to see some of these Spanish locations, especially the western town, in black and white. If you weren’t in the know and looking carefully you could easily assume this was shot in America.

All that said, I actually found myself enjoying it much more than I expected. It’s low key, almost minimalist vibe suits the characters and storyline well and the equally minimalist music score just adds to that. In all it’s a pretty tight little western and worth seeking out in my opinion. The American cast is good and suit their roles perfectly and are all helped by a pretty good script. The budget looks like it was pretty low and presumably spent largely on the 3 main stars but Carlson does a good job with what he has and winds up with a film which I think punches above its weight.

Definitely feels like an American western rather than a European one but is a pretty good one and I suspect it is only it’s black and white format which has kept it relatively obscure over the years.

Isn’t it then just another US western shot in Spain?

Is it supposed to be in black and white? I thought it might have been released in colour and that the print that was found just happens to be from a black and white source (I could be wrong). The ending is missing on my copy. Has a better version been found?

I checked it and yes, in all my books it is featured as a b/w film. And btw as an US Western.

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Well according to IMDB one of the co production companies is definitely Spanish:

As are most of the crew and supporting actors although the director is American. (he also has a significant supporting role as an actor)

So, I guess it depends how you see these things. I’m happy enough to keep it in the Eurowestern fold.

I watched a VHS recording with scenes missing, including the end. I was able to find part of the end online to fill in the gaps for me. I would love to see a better copy.
The film itself was quite enjoyable but I wish they’d have told Don Murray to stop singing!