Keoma (Soundtrack)

Just watched Keoma for the first time. I see in comments that the soundtrack isn’t liked by all! While watching the film I kept thinking that the soundtrack has something “Leonard Cohen” about it and was delighted to see that Franco Nero is quoted as saying that the soundtrack was inspired by Leonard Cohen!

Other than that, I really liked the film though the very end didn’t grab me.


Leonard Cohen?! I think the soundtrack was inspired by a night in a mad house. It makes the film almost unwatchable for me.

The genre has used many influences and music is one of them. A definite link appears to Cohen’s score but due to the subject matter of the film it is played in a manic fashion to articulate the trauma felt by the main character and the community. That makes it appropriate.

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What about my ‘trauma’ listening to the ‘music’? But I was never a Leonard Cohen fan.