Keoma, hard to find OST

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As a collector of spaghetti soundtracks, I’ve been on the lookout for an original copy of the Keoma soundtrack. I do have the music, but I would like to get the actual disc. Any want to sell / trade his or her copy? If this is the wrong place to ask this question, I apologise…

Angel eyes

I think I saw it for sale on ebay a few years back for 70 euro or something like that. Probably not been cheaper since. That said I would put my faith in someone like Digitmovies or GDM releasing a complete version of the soundtrack for “no money”. Both Digitmovies and GDM are releasing tons of stuff at the moment so there’s a good chance it could happen.

It’s by the way one of the few spaghetti western discs that’s also missing in my collection so you’re not alone :slight_smile:

btw angel Eyes, where have you been?

I have been quite busy with getting my masters degree and travelling back and forth between the States and Europe for business so I found little time to spend on Spaghetti’s. But, as I recently have been able to find some spare time, I’ve picked up on SW again. I picked up a few Koch DVD’s, a few new soundtracks and the Fistful blu ray and I’m now anxiously awaitinh the GBU blu ray. I’ve even started watching some of the older titles in my collection…Good way to relax!

By the way, in january, on a trip to L.A. I visited the gravesite of Lee van Cleef. Nothing spectacular, but as I was in the neighborhood I just had to see it for myself. The man is a hero in our books of course! I’ll update a picture sometime later.

LVC is my hero too. He is the reason why I got started in SWs in the first place and the rest is history!

Sorry i can’t help you with the Keoma soundtrack. Is it out of print or something?

I sold an original CD of the soundtrack a few years back and got a nice price for this one.

I found out on a records fair last weekend, that the guy who put out Keoma has sold the rights to a few other SW OSTs to GDM. Perhaps Keoma may find another way to my collection as well…

Like mentioned already in the thread I am sure it will get re released.

If you check out GDM’s site you will actually find them listing Hexacord-titles under THEIR complete catalogue. Hexacord was the company releasing the Keoma-soundtrack. Also checking out the few Hexacord-soundtracks I have in my collection I notice that a couple of them are listed as being put together by Hillside… Hillside is today found mentioned on a lot of the spaghetti western soundtracks released by dada GDM :slight_smile: Hillside’s got their own website

and under their deleted titles you will find dada the Keoma-release :slight_smile: So that’s how it is connected. The whole Italian soundtrack release stage is one inbred lot :slight_smile: And I mean that in the most positive way.

Hexacord releases are mainly funded by Lionel G Woodman who of course owns Hillside, even though it may say otherwise on the CD leaflet…mainly due to legal reasons. Hillside mentioned on the GDM releases alot of the time are the Lionel G Woodman funded part of a GDM release. Woodman has alot of friends and connections and without him alot of stuff would never have been issued in the Italian soundtrack world.

There is a copy of the Keoma-release for sale here:

Only €159 …

Just 159! Man, that’s a lot of cash for one silver disc. I guess I’ll have to wait for a rerelease as my last name is not Hilton…

Wise man !. And the chances are a re release would have more tracks anyway :wink: .

[quote=“Søren, post:12, topic:1725”]There is a copy of the Keoma-release for sale here:

Only €159 …[/quote]
Price now lowered to €95 … Still pretty steep though…

Thats a big drop though.

Sorry if i am posting at this old thread but if u still want, i can upload this one for u…lol

I know I’d love an upload of Keoma, I love that soundtrack, and have Keoma #1 in my top 20.

What struck me from what I’ve heard of the one song widely available, would it be fair to say that the soundtrack release songs are different versions than what’s used in the movie itself?

I don’t think so