Keoma (Enzo G. Castellari, 1976)

(valenciano) #81

So I finally saw the film, with some expectations.
First things first, i really like the music, yeah the deep voice is very deep but its okay. And to the telling of the story by the lyrics, well iam luck to be a non-natural english speaker there, having the ability to overhear what the lyrics actually say; this also explains huge succes of shitty groups like take that in germany, but anyway the lyrics did not bother me,
What bothered me was another thing. People in this topic praise this film for its great story. Okay opinions are opinion, but where the hell is there a story; during watching the film i was thinking"interestingly attempt to shot a movie without a script" untill i read in the review that they actually did not use a script, oops.
Seriously there are just too many aspects that are tackled but not handled properly. Racial discussion (indian vs whites, whites vs blacks, blacks vs indians (nobody knows why keoma also racially abuses the black dude)), family conflicts, the bad guy running a town (what his real motivations of keeping people away from medicine are is still unclear to me), the pest situation and all it causes and of course the “subtle” sympbolism, from putting keoma on a cross(hey its jesus) to carrying him for a pregnant women (who is not welcome in the village, anybody? yup you guessed right its maria) to the old women(is she indina, his mother, death an omen; or as my best guess is: They saw mother courage and her children by brecht and used this image, she also had a carriage).
So the story is very bad in my eyes, and there are no surprises, or was anybody shocked that caldwell shot the father and that the brothers than shot caldwell. And the plotholes, didnt the doctor call the cavalry when he collected the medicine or did he forget to do this???

This sounds like i hated the film. Well it is not really that bad, but the movie could have been much better. I liked the main cast, Berger as the father even though it was strange that he was taking sides while he was portrayed as more balanced in the flashbacks. Nero is great as always and Strode is also good, i liked the brothers too.

And some of the action is nice, not the fist fight with his brothers, but some other stuff. But it is mainly a killing fiest for keoma and his father for surprisingly save each other a million times in the last second, that is how you create suspense, not.
Some slow mo scenes are cool but smetimes it is just too much.

And the ending, hmm maybe it tried to be shocking, but it just confused me. So you can say that it is supposed to be confusing like the character of the women, but i have the bad feeling they did not think too much about that stuff. It was probably more like, lets do something shocking at the end, after we showed perfectly how close life and death are (ohh how subtle again, keoma takes away the life oh his half-brothers the same minute a child is born, to top it off the mother also dies by giving new life). But actually the final has some suspense and the secenes where they are looking for each other mixed in with the cries of birhtgiving are very atmospheric, something the film does not over very often. But then this final ends too fast with the shooting of the brothers which all is too dark and fast to follow.

So i think what it lacked mostly next to a proper story or script and general idea where it wants to go with the movie, is the lack of atmosphere. Yes I know the sets look good and the actors are mostly convincing. But somehow there is nothing that keeps me interested in contrast to great silence for example, that also has a lone gunfighter battle with a corrupt town who is surpressed.
Dont know why but it lacks atmo for me.

So it is not a top 20 one for me, over long does not know what it wants overuse of slow mo etc.

p.s. thanks for firefox autosave, my computer crashed while writing(maybe it likes keoma better than I do ;D) and i was on the verge of going off like SD; but it allmost restored all i wanted to say.
A task which i could not have done, since writing this is like catharsis out it comes and its source is forgotten 8)

anyways good to have seen a new sw, which was areally long time.

(cm215) #82

A very unique SW, I think. It similar to the first wave of the 60s, yet very different at the same time. This is actually one of my favorites.

(I...I...Idiot) #83

What more can be said. This is a great movie with one of my favorite opening scenes I’ve seen so far in the genre. Very unlike sw camera work with slow panning shots & slow motion for the action sequences. Reminds me of Mannaja a lot. I like how they toggle from real time scenes & flashbacks seamlessly. But that f@$king score ruins what could have been one of my more watched sw’s. It was easier to get over Franco Nero’s hair than the music which makes this movie almost unwatchable (at least sound-wise) at times. Maybe Franco Cleef can recreate the soundtrack for what could have been one of my favorites. Still a good movie despite the soundtrack.

(Stanton) #84

I had more problems with his haircut and clothes.

(ENNIOO) #85

Ah… the old wigs.

(autephex) #86

Same here… Keoma is one of my favorites but I just can’t seem to get over his costume… completely ridiculous looking and the hair just makes it so much worse

I used to have problems with the music, but that was back in the “early days”. First viewing of Keoma was when I had only viewed maybe 10 total spaghettis. I used to have problems with lots of stuff in spaghettis that I now enjoy very much, music being one of those things. Two examples would be Keoma and Mannaja- completely hated the music and with Keome it even came close to ruining the film. But now I enjoy the soundtracks and find them to be just one of their endearing quirks.

Someone has made a fanversion of Keoma, I believe they called it “Keoma Remix” and they took out the music… hilarious because I remember having a discussion about the possibility of doing this a long time ago… I don’t think the fanedit was received very well by fans :smiley:

(Dillinger) #87

That’s it Stanton! And young Keoma’s hairdo is even worse. The yound one has the same one as the old, so that even the dullest of the dullest knows:

“I guess that’s young Keoma!”

How creepy is that? Creepy and pathetic!

(autephex) #88

[quote=“Dillinger, post:87, topic:311”]The yound one has the same one as the old, so that even the dullest of the dullest knows:

“I guess that’s young Keoma!”

How creepy is that? Creepy and pathetic![/quote]

hahahah! I completely forgot about that, and now that you mention it, its funny as hell

(valenciano) #89

As I mentoined above the lack of a story or script and atmosphere is what “ruined” it for me.
but the hair seems to have been a trend setter for 80´s stadium “heavy” rock bands

(Col. Douglas Mortimer) #90

Interesting. What did they replace the music with? I just hate the singing in Keoma. The actual music, meaning the instrumental part of the music is fine with me. So I hope this fan edit just uses the instrumental score and takes out the singing.

(Col. Douglas Mortimer) #91

[quote=“Dillinger, post:87, topic:311”]That’s it Stanton! And young Keoma’s hairdo is even worse. The yound one has the same one as the old, so that even the dullest of the dullest knows:

“I guess that’s young Keoma!”

How creepy is that? Creepy and pathetic![/quote]

Young Keoma LOL

Imagine if they had a flashback scene in GBU? I’d like to see a cigar chomping kid in a serape.

“Hey that must be young blondie!”

(korano) #92

Adsolutley not! Blondie was never ever young. He was born old with a serape and cigar that burned his mother’s womb. And when he came out, he shot the doctor for spanking him.

(Stanton) #93

Young Blondie would be a great idea, but I think Korano is right.

(korano) #94

lil’ Blondie in the The Good the bad and the Young?

(Dillinger) #95

I think you can’t construct a scenario more ridiculous than the young Keoma thing for Nero has the wildest and weirdest hairdo of them all.

A young Blondie would simply have his little quiff… not spectacular for me.

(Spaghetti Monkey) #96

Love the soundtrack, but the hair is a bit distracting.

(korano) #97

I foundthe hair easy to overlook. But I do have some points to discuss.

Keoma is part Indian and if my info is correct, Indians shaved all body hair except the hair which they grew out and often cut in times of mourning (modern day atleast). But Nero, being Italian, is a hairy beast of a man with a big moustache and Italian accent. All forgiven as the movie is great.

(autephex) #98

I’m not really sure on that… I passed the fanedit up as I’m fine with the original. I’m not sure if they replaced the music, cut scenes or what

(ENNIOO) #99

The guy who issued Keoma soundtrack on C.D (deleted now) hates the songs and would have preferred them not to be on the C.D.

(cm215) #100

I think Keoma is great, everything about it… soundtrack, outfit, hair, etc.!