Jose Manuel Martin

I see this guy so much I feel like he’s taken up residence in my living room.

I don’t have access to the info at the moment but I wonder how many spaghettis he’s been in?
Surely he can’t beat Fernando Sancho?

This weekend I watched Django Shoots First and 100 Rifles. That’s what brought Jose Manuel Martin to mind.
He dies in the first two or three minutes of both films!

I wonder if he ever made it through a whole Spaghetti alive!é_Manuel_Martín

31 films according to our database.

One of my favourite SW actors.
He usually has small roles, but has also had some bigger roles too - in ‘I Want Him Dead’ & ‘Cut-Throats Nine’, for example. He’s always solid though…

I saw JMM last night in Five Giants From Texas. He was so prolific. I wonder why he never appeared in any of Leone’s movies?
Leone’s stock company included many familiar names from other non-Leone Spaghettis (Sambrell, Stefanelli, Molino Rojo, Canalejas, Brana, Robledo, Pistillli, etc etc)
Wonder why JMM didn’t make it in to even one of Leone’s? JMM played all types of characters & was not as easily type-cast as Fernando Sancho. He could have played any number of roles.
Guess he was always busy.