Johnny Hamlet/Black Jack/Aces High

(Keep Your Head Down) #1

I’ve got “Johnny Hamlet” coming in the mail…running out of good SW’s that I haven’t seen…which reminds me, does anyone know if “Black Jack” is available anywhere?

(Mickey13) #2

You can buy it here:

I’ve already bought from the guy Requiem for a gringo and I can honestly say he’s very reliable. A true professional. :slight_smile:

(Keep Your Head Down) #3

Thanks, amigo!

(Keep Your Head Down) #4

Watched "Johnny Hamlet’ today - thought it was okay, had its moments. Interesting in that Shakespeare was involved, but like a lot of spaghettis outside of the top 30 or so, I had to be careful not to get diverted…

(autephex) #5

Just made a custom cover for this one:

(smaller sized for easy forum display)

Full sized/Hi-res cover image here:

(Bible Joe) #6

Very nice! Good job. 8)

(autephex) #7

Thanks, ah… just realized this wasn’t the Johnny Hamlet thread… doh!

(Bible Joe) #8

Now that you mention it… ;D

(gringo_bastardo) #9

Interestingly there is 2 different koch media releases of this one. One in plastic case and other in digipak with ( german language ) booklet.

I must propably triple-dip this when wild east release becomes available.

I don`t dare to tell truth how much these dvds costs to my gf, just say sth like 1-4€ or she would shoot and skin me. And not necessarily in that order.

(Stanton) #10

But it’s the same DVD. Only a cheaper package for the 2nd edition.

(autephex) #11

And the wild east is the same dvd with english dub, probably all jacked up on highly collectable compressed interlacing

(gringo_bastardo) #12

That is fact. I already owned plastic case release but for 4€ I had to pick mint condition digipak.

(gringo_bastardo) #13

Seems wild east disc is postponed to December

Actually that´s not bad news, meanwhile I can pick 3-4 their titles which are still available :stuck_out_tongue:

(Farmer_J) #14

I’m still hoping Wild East do another Robert Woods double feature, like the two PLL ones, maybe perhaps a Starblack/Black Jack combo. Still, there is hope…