Johnny Colt aka Starblack theme song

Can anyone help please… Just a little teaser( Hopefully not like Esperanza) lol. Who sang the Ballad/song in Johnny Colt… I can find it on You tube and its the last music on the list… But i cannot find reference to who sang it… Great little Western tune for Gringos.Thank you.

I believe it was actually Robert Woods himself who wrote and sang it

Thank you for your reply… Can someone please confirm he was the vocalist

As Supertwix_64 says, Robert Woods was the writer and performer … a nice little tune greatly enhanced by the orchestral arrangement.

Thanks Amigos… Yes Got it now on You Tube

Robert Woods sings the theme to Starblack - YouTube .Soothing and well sung.Must be a very unusual for an actor to sing in their own film…The other one that springs to mind is Dean Martin and Ricky Nelson

could you please share the youtube link? Thanks in advance!

Hello all, correct: Robert Woods. This is a useful site I look at for soundtracks:

Chilkoot. Hopefully this is it. Robert Woods sings the theme to Starblack - YouTube

thank you, much appreciated!