Joe Dakota / Shoot Joe, and Shoot Again / Spara Joe … e così sia! (Emilio Miraglia, 1971)…_e_cos%C3%AC_sia!

Group of men rob a bank which goes wrong. All are arrested but one escapes with the money, who decides to keep it for himself. The arrested men escape and catch up with him and wound him. Wounded man makes it to his friends place Joe ( Richard Harrison), and gives him a map to where he has buried the money. Cat and mouse game then takes place between Joe and the other men who robbed the bank. Joe gets blinded along the way and gets a little help from a woman who has ideas of her own. How does it all end ?..well have a guess…

Harrison always looks different in appearance in alot of his westerns and does here. This one falls into the average bracket for me.

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Shoot Joe and Shoot again…_e_cos%C3%AC_sia!
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May I ask who has submitted the greek title of this film to the database? 'Coz I’m aware of only one tape on Athens Video Club label under the title “Vara Joe kai xanavara” which is more or less the translation of the english "Shoot Joe and Shoot Again"
If the other title is true (“Einai kairos na pethaneis, Joe”), it means that again we have two different versions of this rare film on two different greek labels!

One of the few English translations which are not close to the original. The Italian title says:

Shoot Joe … and Amen

Apart from routine riding and shooting, to my way of thinking the main reasons of interest in this so-so SW directed by Emilio Paolo Miraglia (La Dama Rossa uccide sette volte) are the greedy for money character played by Franca Polesello and more generally Joe’s troubled relationship with women.

Running time 86m 50s PAL (Italian TV version)

A few screenshots:

In the above-mentioned TV version from Mediaset the scene in which Rosy is whipped is cut; in addition, the opening credits sequence on a black background does not appear to be the original one. The correct runtime is 89 minutes (24ps).

Can someone please add Spara Joe… e così sia! to the Topic title? Thanks in advance!

One Damned Day at Dawn…

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Thanks a lot! In Italy the title Joe Dakota is unknown and risks to create confusion with the contemporaneous A Gunman Called Dakota.

How the hell are you supposed to guess something like that!?

Very few opinions about this one, it’s easy to see why. While hardly one of the worst the genre has to offer, it’s still firmly below average and a quite somnolent experience indeed.

Oddly enough, it has quite a few novel and interesting ideas in the second half, however, the mind-numbingly direct way the director goes about the latter part of the plotline makes them pretty much useless and ultimately ineffectual, not to mention this approach undermines their introduction to begin with and robs the tale of any semblance of suspense. Lots of riding around and err… sauntering around the greenish gravel pits. The final shootout with an echo slapped on top of the audio track is plain awful.

Harrison looks like he desperately wants to take a nap most of the time and sleepwalks his way through the movie like a blase zombie. I mean you can’t blame him really, as there is a palpable absence of inspiration both in front of the camera as well as behind it, so why bother, grab that check and get the hell outta there.

Not particularly bad, it’s pretty meh though.

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