Joaquín Blanco RIP

I have belatedly learned of the death on 28th March this year of the death of Barcelona-based actor Joaquín Blanco, who was Sam, the young saloon employee in Stegani’s GENTLEMAN JO…UCCIDI. He can also be seen, this time with his familiar white mane, as one of Raf Baldassarre’s men in Bosch’s ABRE TU FOSA, AMIGO…LLEGA SÁBATA. Likewise present in other Spaghetti Westerns. Blanco (whose surname in Spanish means the same as his hair colour) may be familiar as the professor in Mattei’s horror film HELL OF THE LIVING DEAD. His only leading role was in Ignacio F. Iquino’s drama FRAUDE MATRIMONIAL In parallel to his films as an actor, Blanco adopted the J. White moniker to direct a number of hardcore porn movies, made for the grey market before the official legalisation of hardcore in 1983. In that very same year, he directed a shot-on-video adult film called ORGÍA SÁDICA. He later petered out into obscurity, from which he barely emerged in 1991 as the co-director, along with Antonio Mayans, of the softcore film TRAMPA PARA UNA ESPOSA.

I remember him from Hell of the Living Dead (my favorite Mattei), also played in at least one spaghetti western I’ve watched, but I don’t remember him in it.


The date must be 28th February. He was in one very good Spanish erotic film Porno Situación Limite, wich is not a porn filck as the title emplays, but rather a improvement for the better of the usual destape flicks.


Sorry! A slip of the keyboard. The date, of course, is 28th February.

Yes, Porno: Situación límite is a softcore crime movie directed by Manuel Esteba (of Saranda) and using stock cues by Cipriani. Joaquín Blanco there plays the crooked businessman who blackmails Raquel Evans. The film also has Josep Lluís Fonoll, the cross-dressing SWAT member from Hell of the Living Dead, here playing a lonely porn photographer. Esteba’s skin movies were exceptionally sleazy.

Joaquín Blanco also appeared in a couple of Jess Franco films. He reminds me of a white-headed Andrés Resino.

Thanks for the information Nzoog. I’ll make a posting in Cemetery With Crosses and on my blog. Sad another of the genre’s players has passed. :’(