Jaws vs. The Rest of the World

I am enjoying the 2 choice polls lately so here’s mine.

Jaws or Any other Nature Attacks movie. There’s too many to list them all… ;D

My favorite is Grizzly from 1976.

Et tu brute?

This newer shark film, don’t remember the title at the moment, in which Samuel L. Jackson dies a sudden death, is more enjoyable than Jaws.

Deep Blue Sea…

I enjoyed Day of The Animals recently with mad camper Leslie Nielsen.

I like Wild Beasts. the animals in a zoo gets pcp in their water and goes on a rampage through the city. the best scene is when a cheetah hunts down a porsche…!
but to be honest, of all the evil animal films i+ve watched and loved, the first Jaws still is the best one.

That is a classic too.

Do movies before Jaws count?

How about the original King Kong from 1933 ?

[quote=“Lindberg, post:9, topic:1858”]Do movies before Jaws count?

How about the original King Kong from 1933 ?[/quote]

well I was going for more the animal attacks and not the giant monster movies but King Kong '33 is absolutely the best giant monster film ever.

Ok yes

Thanks, was too lazy to check it

You can’t be serious. Deep Blue Sea with all the CGI was awful. Except for the wet T-Shirt scene. Jaws is in my top 5 of all time & will watch it tonight as I do during the summer (especially on days I’ve been to the beach). The acting trio of Dreyfus, Scheider & Shaw is a treat. Although, I think it’s one of the worst endings of any movies I enjoy. No Piranha, Sasquatch or when animals attack movie can be it’s equal. Not to mention it gets mentioned in many genre’s when discussed. I personally don’t think it’s a Horror like some but it does instill fear. Not to mention the locale. It really brings it home when you can relate to the scenery. Martha’s Vineyard is a great place to visit as are many areas of Cape Cod.

I agree on that.

And on that :wink:

The scene with Kong on top of the Empire state building being shoot down by fighter airplanes is one on the greatest in film history.

Does flesh eating bacteria count? If so, then Cabin Fever should get a mention. Not that bad of a movie but mentally scary especially the scene with…

Jaws is an ok film.

The first half is a weakly structured series of shark attacks filled with some dialogue to connect one attack with another. The second half is a very well made adventure film.

One of my favourites when I was a kid, but I was a little disappointed when I saw it again as an adult.

Deep Blue Sea is a great fun.

[quote=“Stanton, post:17, topic:1858”]Jaws is an ok film.

Deep Blue Sea is a great fun.[/quote]


Recently we had a film called PREY with lions.

It wasn’t that bad, especially since the predators were big cats; usually films with lions, tigers, or bears etc. are dissapointing, because the scenes with the animals look so clumsy. (It’s not very wise to incite a tiger when his acting looks a little ‘tame’).

I also remember a film from the seventies (?) with lions that was quite frightening, maybe lions are better trainable than other large predators, I don’t know (you see them more often in circusses too)

What was the matter with the endding? I really liked it, if a tad gory for a PG movie.