Jaws vs. The Rest of the World

(Frank Talby) #1

I am enjoying the 2 choice polls lately so here’s mine.

Jaws or Any other Nature Attacks movie. There’s too many to list them all… ;D

(Frank Talby) #2

My favorite is Grizzly from 1976.

(Dillinger) #3

Et tu brute?

(Stanton) #4

This newer shark film, don’t remember the title at the moment, in which Samuel L. Jackson dies a sudden death, is more enjoyable than Jaws.

(Rififii) #5

Deep Blue Sea…


I enjoyed Day of The Animals recently with mad camper Leslie Nielsen.

(magnus) #7

I like Wild Beasts. the animals in a zoo gets pcp in their water and goes on a rampage through the city. the best scene is when a cheetah hunts down a porsche…!
but to be honest, of all the evil animal films i+ve watched and loved, the first Jaws still is the best one.

(Frank Talby) #8

That is a classic too.

(Silvanito) #9

Do movies before Jaws count?

How about the original King Kong from 1933 ?

(Frank Talby) #10

[quote=“Lindberg, post:9, topic:1858”]Do movies before Jaws count?

How about the original King Kong from 1933 ?[/quote]

well I was going for more the animal attacks and not the giant monster movies but King Kong '33 is absolutely the best giant monster film ever.

(Silvanito) #11

Ok yes

(Stanton) #12

Thanks, was too lazy to check it

(I...I...Idiot) #13

You can’t be serious. Deep Blue Sea with all the CGI was awful. Except for the wet T-Shirt scene. Jaws is in my top 5 of all time & will watch it tonight as I do during the summer (especially on days I’ve been to the beach). The acting trio of Dreyfus, Scheider & Shaw is a treat. Although, I think it’s one of the worst endings of any movies I enjoy. No Piranha, Sasquatch or when animals attack movie can be it’s equal. Not to mention it gets mentioned in many genre’s when discussed. I personally don’t think it’s a Horror like some but it does instill fear. Not to mention the locale. It really brings it home when you can relate to the scenery. Martha’s Vineyard is a great place to visit as are many areas of Cape Cod.

(Dorado) #14

I agree on that.

(Dorado) #15

And on that :wink:

The scene with Kong on top of the Empire state building being shoot down by fighter airplanes is one on the greatest in film history.

(I...I...Idiot) #16

Does flesh eating bacteria count? If so, then Cabin Fever should get a mention. Not that bad of a movie but mentally scary especially the scene with…

(Stanton) #17

Jaws is an ok film.

The first half is a weakly structured series of shark attacks filled with some dialogue to connect one attack with another. The second half is a very well made adventure film.

One of my favourites when I was a kid, but I was a little disappointed when I saw it again as an adult.

Deep Blue Sea is a great fun.

(Spaghetti Monkey) #18

[quote=“Stanton, post:17, topic:1858”]Jaws is an ok film.

Deep Blue Sea is a great fun.[/quote]


(scherpschutter) #19

Recently we had a film called PREY with lions.

It wasn’t that bad, especially since the predators were big cats; usually films with lions, tigers, or bears etc. are dissapointing, because the scenes with the animals look so clumsy. (It’s not very wise to incite a tiger when his acting looks a little ‘tame’).

I also remember a film from the seventies (?) with lions that was quite frightening, maybe lions are better trainable than other large predators, I don’t know (you see them more often in circusses too)

(John Welles) #20

What was the matter with the endding? I really liked it, if a tad gory for a PG movie.